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How are you doing? I am glad to be here again to share with you new ideas to reach your success. About two days ago I listened to an audio-program called “Personal Power II”, it is an about 30 days speech program delivered by Antony Robins. This is the second episode of his previous program “Personal Program”. He made this program after spending 10 years researching, learning, and interviewing hundreds of people who make a different in their life, or in other word, they are leaders and experts who have reached higher standard of achievement above most of people in their field.

Antony Robins himself is a really true example of a person who changes his life. And the most important thing that we have to do to make our life better, is to make simple step on daily basis, and to start doing positive things in our daily life. You have to focus on things that you want to improve, and start doing something on daily basis to make a little improvement every day, and for long period of time, if you keep doing that simple step every day, your life will change dramatically. So the key is to drive your focus. Focus is power, it is like a samurai that you can use to cut anything you want, when you focus your mind and potential, you can really cut almost every difficulty that you face. So the most successful people in the world, are people who really focus on their field and do the discipline to make constant improvement in the field of their choice.

All of us know Michael Jackson. Do you know what made him a super star, and becoming the king of pop? We know pretty sure, it is because of his fantastic skill of singing and dancing. But as we know, he was not born knowing how to dance, he grew up loving to dance, and he kept improving his dancing skill for really long period of time. His style of dancing had improved significantly which made all people in the world feeling amazed and excited to watch him dancing. That is not an accident, nor a trick, that is the miracle of continuing and never ending improvement.

Now, let’s talk about what drives Antony Robins from being poor to be the most wanted self-help guru, and living a life higher beyond his own wildest imagination. Here are two things that drove him: inspiration, and desperation.

Desperation can benefit you in many ways, just like Tony, when he was a child he saw his father working so hard, but he was always broke and struggling financially. To provide food to his children is something difficult for his father, but his father was never give up, and he kept working hard to ensure that his children can eat and live properly. The most painful moment for Tony is when his father cannot buy food for his family, and finally some people from charity program come to their home, and give away some food for the family. His father looked embarrassed but he took the food, because he and his family needed it.

Tony felt terrible to see his father situation. He then started thinking to make his own financial situation in the future better than the financial situation of his father. He didn’t want to be trapped in the circle of financial struggle and poverty. He started searching, what makes the different in the life of people in the world, what makes a person more successful the others. What really drives people to do what they do? he read self-development books, he listened to audio-tapes, he attended seminars, he asked many people, and he began to understand, there is a pattern of all successful people that he can emulate and use, to make his life better.
Repetition is the mother of skills, the more he absorbed the information of how to be successful and rich, the better he is in his presentation and teaching about success. He then began to make a lot of money by teaching people how to be successful and how to change their life. By the time he was 19 years old, he has made 10.000 dollars a month. It was a lot of money for him at the time. He was young, and having a lot of money. This situation drove him to the dark age of his life. He spent so many time in his house doing nothing, he didn’t drink too much alcohol, or using drugs, he was just eating and eating, and eating, to the level that he made his body so fat.

Then the inspiration came. A friend of him came to his home to see him. And he was amazed with Tony’s situation. His friend then say, “this is not you Tony, you worth more than this, you have everything you need to make your life better than this. You know all things about success, you don’t have to be like this, you should use your knowledge to change your life, not just knowing it and let your life destructed by your own bad habit!” Tony began to realized, that his life didn’t work well at that time. He then started to think, how to use all of the information he knows, to change his own life. Because actually, knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power, it will only be power when it is used and directed wisely.

Since then, Tony decided to act on daily basis to improve the quality of his life, rather than only reading and searching the knowledge. He doesn’t only understand the success principle, but he focuses his effort to apply those principles in his real life. And his life drastically changed.

So what changes your life is not your knowledge, but your actions based on the true principles and philosophy. You may memorize all success principles in the world, but if you do not do anything, your life will never change. You have to invest wisdom in activities. Activities will start to bring miracles in your life. By simply doing activities that is needed to do to reach your goals on the daily basis, and stop thinking and staring, but instead focusing to the activities, you will start to raise your personal power, actions based on the right knowledge are the power, not the knowledge it selves. Your action to change that is the real definition of personal power.

To help you to reach your own success, I have learned a formula that is called “The Ultimate Success Formula”. This is the technology that will raise your personal power, and it will help you to start building your own success in life, no matter your situation today, or how high your dream maybe.

Step One - You have to know your outcome
                You have to be clear about the outcome you want. As you know, that clarity is power. The more you are clear about the outcome, the more you will have motivation to get it. As Jim Rohn said, goals are promises, and to bring the promise, you have to pay the price. The price is easy if the promise is clear. Do not let your-self living without knowing what outcome do you want.
If you ask people, they usually don’t know what they have to do to make their life better, because they do not know what outcome they want. So the first thing to make your life better, to bring success to your life, you have to decide, what outcome do you want to produce? And having list of outcomes are not the end of the story, you have to make it simple and clear enough, so you can grab it easily.

Step Two – You have to take actions and move toward your outcomes
                After knowing, what outcome do you want, you have to take action. Do whatever you can to move forward toward your goals. Jim Rohn also said, “Do what you can”. Do not neglect any single action that you can do every-day to make a progress, if you can read, read. If you can walk, walk, if you can find people who can help you, find people who can help you. Do everything that you can, when you can do it.
Make a decision that you will never live below your standard anymore. Start to force yourself to make constant progress on the daily basis. Face your fear, every one of us have fear, and so what? Fear will not kill you, if you find things that fear you, do not run, it is not the solution. You can face it if you want. Things that you fear, won’t kill you, you just have to enjoy the fear, and keep moving forward.

Step Three – Be flexible in your strategies
                When you do things to make your life better, you may find difficulties, or you do not see the progress you want. Maybe you have to change your strategy. If one strategy doesn’t work, try another one, if it doesn’t work again, try another one. Flexibility is also power. Keep trying and keep changing until you succeed. Grab the power of flexibility!

Step Four – Use the method of role modeling when you take actions
You can accelerate your potential by simply using the experience of experts who have done what you are going to do. You may learn from their mistakes, as well as their successes. This will empower your mind, and it will make your actions easier, because you have been told about things you have to do, and things you have to avoid.
When Tony was fat, he found people who have successfully lost fat, he then asked them, how they did it. And finally he knew what to do, he do what they have done, and he lost his fat permanently. When Tony wants to get married, he asked a person who married a lovely wife, he asked him how to find such women, and to marry her, he told him, and finally he does what that person does, and finally Tony got married with a women of his dream. Tony always seek role model to help him doing things that can make him reaching his goals.
To change your-life, the first thing to do is to change your-self. If you don’t get the result you want, you can learn from your experience, and start new actions. Don’t feel fear anymore. Success is simple! Write down things that you want to do since long period of time, but you always procrastinate them. Stop to put it off, do it right now, no way to fail!

I took the information in this post from Antony Robbins
Get more information about this subject in Tony Robbin's book, click the image down here

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